William Dobell: An Artist's Life
Marketing Coordination in the Production and Distribution Chain of
Map Skills - The World
Dyslexia, Learning, and the Brain
Interpersonal Skills, Theory, and Practice: The Librarian's Guide to Becoming a Leader
Imperial Nature: Joseph Hooker and the Practices of Victorian Science
Counselling and Psychotherapy in Organisational Settings
The Female Rebels: Being Some Remarkable Incidents of the Lives, Characters, and Families of the Titular Duke and Dutchess of Perth, the Lord and Lady Ogilvie, and of Miss Florence m'Donald
Colonialism and Science: Saint Domingue and the Old Regime
Of the Stupendous Gout-Stone: See Page the 28. II. an Introduction to a New Method of Writing a Great Deal in a Little Time
World Cruising Destinations
Pit Pony
An Address to the Clergy of the Church of England: Shewing the Cause Why So Many People Absent Themselves from the Pure Established Communion of That Church, to the Tabernacle, Meeting-Houses
The Account of John Waddington, Esq: Receiver and Expenditor General for That Part of the Middle Level Under the Care of William Brown, Officer Thereof, Subsequent to the Last Printed Account
Cuba: Island of Dreams
Hadacol Days: A Southern Boyhood
The Scotch Medal Decipher'd, and the New Hereditary-Right Men Display'd: Or, Remarks on the Late Proceedings of the Faculty of Advocates at Edinburgh, Upon Receiving the Pretender's Medal
Practical Guide of Communication Between Parents and Children: Emotional Communication
Connections: Activities for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients
The Green Grass Grew All Around
Regaining Your Happiness in Seven Weeks: A Training Program
Sparrow Songs II
Ihc Profiling of Cytokeratin 8 and Cytokeratin 18 in Oral Cancer
Crash Course in Public Library Administration
Labour Turnover in the Readymade Garment (Rmg) Industry in Bangladesh
Reading with Tragic Eyes
Presidential Policy Rhetoric
Report of the Secret Committee of the House of Commons, on the Treasonable Papers Laid Before Them, on the 23d January, 1799
The Life and Amours of Lady Ann F-L-Y: Develloping the Whole of Her Intrigues, from the Time of Her Marriage with the Hon. Edward Foley, in October 1778
Etude de Melanges de Polymeres
Strategies of Low Cost Airlines in Emerging Countries
Implementation of the Antiretroviral Treatment Policy
The International and Legal Aspects of the Recognition of States
Anthocyanin Pigmentation and Genetic Diversity Analysis in Rice
Latin Americans in the Imagined Argentina
Food: 25 Amazing Projects Investigate the History and Science of What We Eat
Barkey: The Lost Dog
Our Educational Experience in the Big Ten Acre Park
Our Merciful Father
With a Child's Heart
A Letter to a Conscientious Man: Concerning the Use and the Abuse of Riches, and the Right and the Wrong Ways of Acquiring Them: Shewing That Stock-Jobbing Is an Unfair Way of Dealing
An Account of Several Benefactions and Charities, Given to the Churches, School, Burgesses, Tradesmen, and Poor in the Borough of Derby, by Queen Mary, Sir Thomas White, and Others
Episcopal Traytors: Or, Priests Aukward Politicians. Exemplify'd, in the Behaviour of the Political Prelacy; More Particularly of the Attempts of Archbishop Laud, and His Equivocal Exit.
Septoplasty with Turbinoplasty- Is It Essential
On Relative Geometric Inequalities
Current Differencing Transconductance Amplifier and Their Applications
Wear and Tribological Behavior of MMC's
Creation D'Un Systeme de Calcul
Tribes in Mahasweta Devi's Short Dramas
Enhanced Adaptive Frequency Hopping
Truth Be Told, It Was Only God
Elasto-Plastic Stress Analysis in Laminated Composite Beams
Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries in Korea
A Research Work
A Faithful and Wise Servant, Had in Honour, Throughout the Churches. a Discourse Occasioned by the Much Lamented Death of the Rev. Edward Wigglesworth, D.D.
Is Operating Cash Flow a Contributing Factor to IPO Underpricing?
Personal Carbon Trading
Isaiah's Special Day at School
The Verticord
Physical Therapy Ethics 2e
A New Heart for Xena
Dealbreaker 6-Copy Display
A Survey of Trade. in Four Parts. ... Together with Considerations on Our Money and Bullion. ... the Second Edition.
Mandates of Their Lordships John, Bishop of Centuri , Gregory William, Bishop of Telmessus, William, Bishop of Acanthos, and of Charles, Bishop of Hier. Coes.
The Crisis: Or, the Briton's Advocate. Proving, I. the Fatal Consequences That Will Certainly Ensue from the Snares Laid by Wicked and Designing Men, Being a Full Answer to the Pamphlet
Copy of a Letter from the Duke of Portland, to the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Chester, and of His Lordship's Letter, Directing the Same to Be Laid Before the Magistrates for the Said County
A Complete and Comprehensive Exercise Book, Containing Rules and Regulations for the Formation, Field-Exercise, and Movements of His Majesty's Forces with the Method of Performing Eighteen Manoeuvres
A Form of Prayer, to Be Used in All Churches and Chapels Throughout the Kingdom of Ireland, Upon Wednesday the Tenth Day of February, 1779
There's an Elephant in My Bathtub
Wanted Dead or Alivea
Gabby and Ralph Meet Their New Teacher
Guiney: Adventure of a Smart Guinea Pig
A Short History of the Rock Island Prison Barracks
Original Letters, Written During the Reigns of Henry Viedward IV and Richard III by Various Persons of Rank or Consequence: Authenticated by Engravings of Autographs, Paper Marks, and Seals V 1 of 4
The Minor Poets: Or, the Works of the Most Celebrated Authors, of Whose Writings There Are But Small Remains Volume 2 of 2
International Dispute Settlement-Uganda's Experience from 1962 To-Date
Non-Participation of HIV Positive Men in Support Groups
Coping Strategies of New School Principals
GSM Tower Antenna Control System
The Art of Medicine in Ancient Cyprus
Growth Centre: A Catalyst of Economic and Social Development
Expanding Craft Tourism in Jamaica
Bismarck's Shadow: The Cult of Leadership and the Transformation of the German Right, 1898-1945
Permanent Alliance?: NATO and the Transatlantic Bargain from Truman to Obama
A Form of Prayer, to Be Used in All Churches and Chapels Throughout the Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick Upon Tweed: On Wednesday the Ninth Day of April
Arabian Nights Entertainments: Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories, Told by the Sultaness of the Indies, Translated Into French from the Arabian Mss. by M. Galland Volume 2 of 4
Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Planting, &C. Selected from the Correspondence-Book of the Society Instituted at Bath, for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce
South Wind Through the Kitchen
Cry of the Giraffe
Casual Cows
Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks
Monopsony in Law and Economics
An Answer to a Letter of Mr. Pierce, Master of the Grammar-School at Wycomb in Bucks: Describing the Difference of Ministers Sent of God, and Such as Go Before They Are Sent. by Samuel Larwood
My Life as a Dollar Bill
Ruptured Relations
DotNetNuke 5.4 Cookbook
Bubble World and the Olympics
Adventures with Grandpa: The Fishing Trip
Live and Love it Up!: When Life Gets You Down
Stuart and Sami Go Bowling: Stuart's Special Friend Sami
Young People At Work Inspirationals
Nature's Christmas Story
Parents are Lucky: They Don't Have to Do Chores
Keepers of the Secret
Ancient Scotish Poems, Never Before in Print. But Now Published from the Ms. Collections of Sir Richard Maitland, Comprising Pieces Written from about 1420 Till 1586. Volume 2 of 2
Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalisation 2 Ye
Squeezed Light: Collected Poems 1994-2005
God Our Protector and Refuge in Danger and Trouble. a Discourse, Delivered at the Public Lecture in Boston, on Thursday, March 16, 1797. by John Lathrop, D.D.
Scottish Shorts
The Duty of Ministers, to Testify the Gospel of the Grace of God. a Sermon Preached to the First Parish in Braintree, December 13. 1753.
Are Law and Policy Clear and Consistent?: Roles and Responsibilities of the Defense Acquisition Executive and the Chief Information Officer
Collaboration of Presentation and Data Among Heterogeneous Systems
The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky
Centric Jaw Relations
The Black Death and the Future of Medicine
The Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole)
Eu Sugar Reform and Preference Receiving Countries
Anglican Church and the Prevention of the Spread of HIV and AIDS
Linear Mappings of Free Algebra
His Final Words: A Discipleship Manual
Dark Universe - Lost and Found -
Esmerelda Hedgepath's First Date
Essential Buddhism: A Comprehensive Guide to Belief and Practice
The Complete Guide to Careers in Special Events
A Letter to Scripturista; Containing Some Remarks on His Answer to Paulinus's Three Questions: Wherein the Nature of a Test of Orthodoxy Is Exactly Stated
The Lutheran Liturgy: Now Us'd by the Protestants in the Reformed Churches of Germany, Prov'd to Agree with the Rites of the Book of Common-Prayer, Us'd by the Church of England. the Second Edition.
Christ's Last Sermon: Or, the Everlasting Estate and Condition of Good and Bad Men in the World to Come. by John Hart, D.D. to Which Is Adde
Welch Piety: Or, a Farther Account of the Circulating Welch Charity Schools, from Michaelmas 1772, to Michaelmas 1773. Being Testimonials Relating to the Masters and Scholars of the Said Schools
English Language Workbook Series: Age 6 Book 3
Sara Rose, Kid Lawyer
The World that Changes the World: How Philanthropy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship are Transforming the Social Ecosystem
Scripture Truths Demonstrated, in Thirty-Two Sermons, or Declarations of Stephen Crisp, Late of Colchester, in Essex, Deceased. Carefully Taken in Characters or Short-Hand
A System of Divinity and Morality; Containing a Series of Discourses on the Principal and Most Important Points of Natural and Revealed Religion. in Five Volumes. Volume 3 of 5
Arabian Tales: Or, a Continuation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments. Consisting of Stories Related by the Sultana of the Indies, ... in Four Volumes. Volume 4 of 4
An Answer to the First Part of an Anonymous Pamphlet, Entitled Observations Upon the Conduct and Behaviour of a Certain Sect Usually Distinguished by the Name of Methodists, the Third Ed
Great Plainness Necessary in Delivering the Gospel-Message with a Prospect of Success. a Sermon, Delivered at the Installation of the Rev. Samuel Tomb, Nov. 28, 1798. by William Pidgin, Pastor
Reasons Against Matrimony: Being a Survey of the Isle of Marriage: Or, a New and Accurate Description of All the Provinces, Districts, Ports, Towns, of That Vast and Populous Country.
The Christian Minister, or Faithful Preacher of the Gospel Described. a Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the Reverend Mr. Joel Benedict, at Newent, in Norwich, on the 21st of February, 1771.
The Beauties of the British Senate: From the Beginning of the Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, to the End of the Second Session of the Administration of the Right Hon. William Pitt Volume 2 of 2
Cultural Intelligence Among Negotiators
International Criminal Justice and Victims' Rights
Residential Development in the Eastern Fringe Area of Dhaka City
Higher Spins and String Interactions
Profiling Wikipedia Contributors
Physiotherapy in Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Extracts from the Revenue Laws of the United States: Comprehending Such Parts of the Excise Laws, --Laws Laying Duties on Licenses for Selling Wines, &c.--On Riding Carriages
Robot School
Canada, the United States, and NAFTA
The Guardian of Seville
The Three Cows
Let the Heart Sing Its Song: Illuminating Poetry and Photography Sharing the Lightness of Being
Spinner Dolphins
Spotted Dolphins
Attitude 13: A Daughter of Guam's Collection of Short Stories
Erin's Period Book
Buttons on My Head
English Language Workbook Series: Age 7 Book 1
The Hungry Bunny
Live as a Refugee Extreme Live in Exile
A Form of Prayer, to Be Used in All Churches and Chapels Throughout That Part of Great Britain Called England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick Upun Tweed
A Chance for Self-Reflection
Define Your Own Way: Empowering Young African American Women
The Adventures Of Dusty Popsallot
Ironclad Captains: The Commanding Officers of the USS Monitor
Leading Styles for Business Leadership
Dear Friends at Home... The Letters and Diary of Thomas James Owen, Fiftieth New York Volunteer Engineer Regiment During the Civil War
Cosmos and Society in Oceania
New Feminist Christianity: Many Voices, Many Views
Lost Moray and Nairn: Moray and Nairn's Lost Architectural Heritage
Maidstone: A History
The Gentleman and Farmer's Guide, for the Increase and Improvement of Cattle, Viz. Lambs, Sheep, Hogs, ... Illustrated with Copper Plates. by R. Bradley, ...
The Union Song-Book: Or, Berwick Vocal Miscellany. Being a Choice Collection of the Most Celebrated Scots and English Songs, Never Before Published. Likewise a Variety of Favourite Airs and Catches.
What's Up: Vocabulary for Those New to America
Beyond Chez Vicalle: The Volunteer: A Tale of Luck and Fortuitous Survival
The Case of Mr. Law, Truly Stated. in Answer to a Pamphlet, Entitul'd, a Letter to Mr. Law.
English Higher SQA Past Papers: 2010
An Authentic Narrative of the Most Remarkable Adventures, and Curious Intrigues, Exhibited in the Life of Miss Fanny Davies, the Celebrated Modern Amazon
Prelude to Catastrophe: FDR's Jews and the Menace of Nazism
The Life of Lavinia Beswick, Alias Fenton, Alias Polly Peachum: Containing, Her Birth and Education. ... the Whole Interspers'd with Convincing Proofs of Her Ingenuity, Wit, and Smart Repartees
MarketPsych: How to Manage Fear and Build Your Investor Identity
Egypt: A Short History
The Gemini Trilogy: The Awakening
The Art of War. in Four Parts. Containing, I. the Duties of Officers of Horse. II. of Officers of Foot. III. of a Soldier in General, IV. the Rules and Practice of War by All Great Generals
The Philosophical Works of the Late Right Honorable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. Volume V. Volume 5 of 5
One Wacky Wasp: The Perfect Children's Book for Kids Ages 3-6 Who Are Learning to Read
Sons of Arcturus
The Sorrowful Muse by the Candlelight: Short Stories by Ayesha Pervez
Whispering Sea
Nothin' but Puffins: And Other Silly Observations
The Man Behind the Nose: Assassins, Astronauts, Cannibals, and Other Stupendous Tales
Noble Causes: v. 10: Noble Causes Volume 10: Ever After Ever After
Zombies! Evacuate the School!
The Rest Is Peace: Autobiography of Max Borschwa Also Known as Max Beaton
The Intended Navigation of the River Chelmer, in the County of Essex, Briefly Considered, and Humbly Submitted to the Perusal of the Members of the Honourable House of Commons
A Short Account of the Interest and Conduct of the Jamaica Planters. in an Address to the Merchants, Traders, and Liverymen of the City of London.
The Most Important Transactions of the Sixth Session of the First Parliament of His Majesty King George II. Anno Domini, MDCCXXXIII.
Spanish Standard Grade (G/C) SQA Past Papers: 2010
A True Description of the Mint. Giving an Account of Its First Becoming a Place of Refuge for Debtors; The Extents of Its Antient and Modern Limits. the Manners, Ways, and Customs of the Inhabitants
15 Days of Prayer with Saint Vincent de Paul
New H.O.P.E.: Healing and Comfort of the Psalms Extracted
Microsoft (R) Office 2010, Introductory
Robert Doisneau: Paris
Royko in Love: Mike's Letters to Carol
After the War: The Lives and Images of Major Civil War Figures After the Shooting Stopped
Karma Peace: A Tale of Mystery, Magic and Madness
Excellence in Global Supply Chain Management: Understanding and Improving Global Supply Chains
Idealized Design: How to Dissolve Tomorrow's Crisis...Today (paperback)
School Discourse: Learning to Write Across the Years of Schooling
A System of Divinity and Morality; Containing a Series of Discourses on the Principal and Most Important Points of Natural and Revealed Religion. in Five Volumes. Volume 1 of 5
Polygons: A Woodworker's Guide to Multi-Sided Projects
How Grandpa Elf Saved Christmas
Where Sand Castles Go
Mother Earth Needs Our Help!
I Was Born This Way, How About You?
Britain Votes 2010
The Corporation: A Fragment.
An Account of the Improvement of Moss, &C. in a Letter to a Friend. Second Edition.
Extracts from the Publications of Mr. Knox, Dr. Anderson, Mr. Pennant, and Dr. Johnson; Relative to the Northern and North-Western Coasts of Great Britain.
An Humble Address to the People of England. Being, a Demonstration That a Land-Tax Is More Prejudicial to Trade and Liberty, Than an Inland Duty on Wine and Tobacco.
The Report of the Proceedings of the House of Peers, Upon the Observations of the Commissioners for Taking, Examining and Stating the Publick Accompt of the Kingdom, with Their Address to Her Majesty
Australia: A Growing Nation
Advice To, and Considerations for the Electors of Members to Serve in the Ensuing Parliament. with Extracts for the Better Information of Such as Reside in the Country. the Second Edition.
Understanding the Marshall Attack
A Country Carpenter's Confession of Faith: With a Few Plain Remarks on the Age of Reason. in a Letter from Will Chip, Carpenter, in Somersetshire, to Thomas Pain, Stay-Maker, in Paris.
Law School in a Can
Hello, It's Me: Dispatches from a Pop Culture Junkie
Russia and the Soviet Union: Autocracy to Dictatorship
The Articles Against the Late Lord B-Ke, Sent from London 1716. by the Agents of the P-R: In Relation to the Affairs of Scotland, During the Rebellion of the Late Earl of Mar
A Translation of the Dutch Placart and Ordinance, for the Government of the Great Fishery.
Observations on the Case of the Northern Colonies.
Sibylline Leaves, or Anonymous Papers: Containing a Letter to the Lord Mayor of London: ... Together with an Introductory Speech to the Motion. ...
Considerations on the Silk Trade of Ireland. with Useful Hints for the Extension Thereof, Addressed to the Dublin Society.
Growing Together - Workbook: Marriage Enrichment for Every Culture
A Collection of Letters from Several Counties, Cities and Boroughs. Containing, Instructions to Their Representatives in Parliament to Oppose Any Extension of the Excise Laws.
Interior Detailing: Concept to Construction
Make the Night Hideous: Four English-Canadian Charivaris, 1881-1940
Report of the Committee of the Town Council of Glasgow, Appointed to Consider the Corn Bill at Present Pending in Parliament.
A Letter to the Free-Holders of Great Britain.
The Theory of the National Debt, with Observations on the Land Tax, and the Present Situation of Stockholders.
An Examination of the Late Conduct of the Ministry, with Respect to the Duties on Tobacco and Wine.
The Rules, Orders and Regulations, of the Magdalen House, for the Reception of Penitent Prostitutes. by Order of the Governors. Second Edition Corrected, with a New Introduction.
The Providential Division of Men Into Rich and Poor, ... Briefly Consider'd in a Sermon Preach'd in the Parish Church of St. Sepulchres, May 27. 1708. ... by Robert Moss, ...
An Appeal to the Landholders Concerning the Reasonableness and General Benefit of an Excise Upon Tobacco and Wine.
Four Square: Writing Method Grades 4-6 W/Enhanced CD: A Unique Approach to Teaching Basic Writing Skills
Four Square: Writing Method Grades 7-9 W/Enhanced CD: A Unique Approach to Teaching Basic Writing Skills
The Picture of Parliament: Being an Accurate View of the British Representation. Containing a Correct Alphabetical List of the Peers of Parliament
The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla
The General Songster: Or, Every Man's Social Companion: Containing the Most Approved Songs Sung at the Theatres, Public Gardens, . by Mr. Bannister, Edwin, Quick, Miss George, Romanzinied. 6
Market Entry Strategies of European Operators in Underserved Markets
Color, Color, Color
Madchen Und Der Psycho, Das
Regle Du Quart, La
Save Your Florida Home ... Now!: Or Walk Away with No Debt, Better Credit and Money in Your Pocket
The Fatal Consequences of Domestick Divisions, Especially in the Families of Princes: Illustrated by Divers Examples from the Histories of Our Own and Other Nations
The Festival of Wit: Or, the Small Talker. Consisting of Anecdotes, Epigrammatic Flashes, with Flights of Humour and Genius, Selected from a Voluminous Work
A Sporting Murder
Meditation Expertise
Reasons in Favour of the London-Docks.
London: Or, the Progress of Commerce. a Poem. by Mr. Glover,
Reflections Upon the Humour of the British Nation in Religion and Politics.
An Authentic Copy of the New Constitution of France; As Adopted by the National Convention, June 23, 1793. Faithfully Translated from the French.
The Wallet, a Supplementary Exposition of the Budget. Inscribed to the Man Who Knows Himself Minister. the Second Edition.
Plan by the Commissioners and Trustees for Improving Fisheries and Manufactures in Scotland, for the Application of Their Funds. Published by Their Order
Love Elegies. Written in the Year 1732. the Second Edition.
Great Britain's Speediest Sinking Fund Is a Powerful Maritime War, Rightly Manag'd, and Especially in the West Indies.
The Physics of Stargates: Parallel Universes, Time Travel, and the Enigma of Wormhole Physics
Cheat River: A Novel Set in the Hills and Hollows of West Virginia
The War of Immensities
Every Little Step She Takes
The Bodhisattva's Embrace: Dispatches from Engaged's Buddhism's Front Lines
The History of the Rise and Fall of South-Sea Stock; With a Method Humbly Proposed for the Relief of the Sufferers of All Sorts, in a Letter to a Friend.
SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming
Transatlantic Slavery: An Introduction
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: The Guidebook
While Mortals Sleep: Songs in the Night Book 1
People Power: The history and the future of the referendum in Australia
Victory Has a Thousand Fathers: Sources of Success in Counterinsurgency
The Year of the Gorilla
Style and Socialism: Modernity and Material Culture in Post-War Eastern Europe
Striving for Excellence in the Social Sector
The Public Trust Doctrine: Implications for Wildlife Management and Conservation in the United States and Canada
Amy Butler's Style Stitches
Amber Waves of Grain: Third in the Series of Stories about Growing Up in and Around Small Towns in the Midwest
Thoughts on the Present Scheme of Extensive Taxation.
An Ccount [Sic] of the Proceedings of the Acting Governors of the House of Industry. in Dublin. Annexed to Their Petition to the Hon. the House of Commons, of Ireland.
A Letter to Sir William Strickland, Bart. Relating to the Coal Trade.
The Guinea Note, a Poem. by Timothy Twig, Esquire.
A Short Argument on the Administration of Oaths, Endeavouring to Shew That It Is an Essential and Unalienable Prerogative of the Sovereignty.
A List of the Members of Parliament Who Voted for and Against Taking the Hanover Troops Into British Pay, December 10, 1742. to Which Is Added, the Lords Protest on That Occasion, &c
Observations on Slavery; Particularly with a View to Its Effects on the British Colonies, in the West-Indies. by James Anderson, ...
Reasons Against Building a Bridge from Lambeth to Westminster. Shewing the Inconveniencies of the Same to the City of London, and Borough of Southwark.
Thoughts Upon Slavery. the Third Edition. by John Wesley, A.M.
His Majesty's Patent for Improving Fisheries and Manufactures in Scotland. Published by Order of the Trustees.
Reflections Upon a Pamphlet. Entitled Observations Upon the Laws of Excise.
A Short Defence of the Last Parliament, Answer'd Article by Article. to Which Is Added a Paper, Called the Candidtaes [Sic] Try'd, &C.
A Report of the Committee of Commissioners of the Navigation of the Thames and Isis, Appointed to Survey the Rivers from Lechlade to Whitchurch, by the General Meeting Held 31st of May, 1791.
The Pr---T---St of the M----Ch----Ts of G---T B-----N, Against the Pr--L--M------Ry A--T-----S for a Peace, Lately Signed at A--X-La-Ch---Pp---Le
A Letter to a Member of Parliament on the Hardships of the Laws Concerning the Repairs of the Highways. Occasioned by a Late Very Ingenious and Learned Treatise on That Subject.
A Short View of the Dispute Between the Merchants of London, Bristol, and Leverpool, and the Advocates of a New Joint-Stock Company, Concerning the Regulation of the African Trade.
Report from the Committee Upon the Petitions Relating to the False Winding of Wool; And the Marking of Sheep with Pitch and Tar.
Considerations Upon the Proposed Bill, for Amending the Statute of Frauds ...
Contract of Copartnery of the Edinburgh Dutch Shipping Company. with a List of Subscribers and the Number of Shares.
The Qualifications and Duty of a Surveyor Explained. in a Letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of ******. in Which the Essential Accomplishments Are Particularly Described and Considered. ...
Neuer Hausswirthschafts Calender, Auf Das Gnadenreiche Jahr, Nach Der Heilbringenden Geburt Unsers Herrn Und Heylandes Jesu Christi, 1799.
Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States. by Baron de Steuben, Late Major General and Inspector General in the American Army
Kingdom Gains: What Every Christian Should Know Before Investing, and How to Use Socially and Biblically Responsible Investments (BRI) as a Steward of God's Money
Emma's Freaky Sneakers
Life in the Turn Lane
Autonomous Under Water Base Profiling System
Father Involvement and Paternal Sensitivity in the Palestinian Society
Compliance with International Food Safety Standards
True English Advice to the Freeholders in L------R S------R. in a Letter to a Friend. Calculated for the Year 1720.
Islam, Politics, and the End Times
Audi Alteram Partem, or a Counter-Letter, to the Right Hon the E---L of H---LL---Gh, His M-'s P-L S-Y of S-E for the C-S, on the State of Affairs in the Island of G--N--A I
The Hive: Or A, Collection of Thoughts on Civil, Moral, Sentimental, and Religious Subjects; Selected from the Writings of Near One Hundred of the Best and Most Approved Authors of Different Nations
Remarks on a Bill, Presented to Parliament in the Last Sessions, Intituled, a Bill for Preserving the Drainage of the Middle and South Levels, and the Several Navigations Through the Same, &C.
A Copy of the Charter of the Corporation of the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland.
Articles of the Birmingham Flour and Bread Company. 1796.
A View of the Necessitarian or Best Scheme: Freed from the Objections of M. Crousaz, in His Examination of Mr. Pope's Essay on Man.
Rules and Orders of the Society, Instituted at London, for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce
A Scheme to Make the River Stroudwater Navigable, from Framiload, to Wallbridge Near the Town of Stroud, Glocestershire.
Remarks on the Decision of the House of Commons Respecting the Abolition of the Slave-Trade, on April 2D, 1792. with an Appendix Relating to the Present State of the Question. by Thomas Gisborne, M.A.
An Essay on the Present State of Our Publick Roads; Shewing the Absolute Necessity of a Total Prohibition of the Use of Narrow Wheels, on All Carriages Drawn by More Than One Horse Lengthways
Popular Prejudices Against the Convention and Treaty with Spain, Examin'd and Answer'd. with Remarks on a Pamphlet, Entitled, Considerations Upon the Present State of Our Affairs at Home and Abroad.
The Opinion of Sir Thomas More, Lord High Chancellor of England, Concerning Inclosures. in Answer to a Letter from Galloway.
A Second Letter to Mr. Law. Occasion'd by His Arrival in England, and Its Being Reported He Is to Be Made, a Director of the South Sea Company, and a Member of Parliament.
The Politics of Citizenship in Germany: Ethnicity, Utility and Nationalism
POWs and the Great War: Captivity on the Eastern Front
French Rugby Football: A Cultural History
Women in Contemporary France
At Home with Computers
Animal Revolution: Changing Attitudes Towards Speciesism
Online Education for Public Health Professionals
Fashion Under Fascism: Beyond the Black Shirt
Kaon and Lambda Production at Intermediate Momentum
Aluminium Stress on Germinating Seeds of Cicer Arietinum
Roots of Human Sociality: Culture, Cognition and Interaction
Sport and Postcolonialism: v. 3
Hollywood Beyond the Screen: Design and Material Culture
Where the Wild Things are Now: Domestication Reconsidered
A Discourse of Standing Armies; Showing the Folly, Uselesness, and Danger of Standing Armies in Great Britain. by Cato.
Joe Bonamassa: Collection
Your Circle of Health: A Holistic Reference Guide to Natural Health
Terrorism: The Present Threat in Context
Industrial Ruins: Space, Aesthetics and Materiality
Understanding Newborn Care in Uganda
The Backdoors of Jakarta
Biochemical Characterization in Cassava
Culture in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1995
The Mourning for Diana
Exchange Rate and Trade
Gender, Family and Work in Naples
The Politics of Fun: Cultural Policy and Debate in Contemporary France
Gender and Sociality in Amazonia: How Real People Are Made
Sport, Dance, and Embodied Identities
Gypsies in Madrid: Sex, Gender and the Performance of Identity
Two Letters Printed in June and September, 1728. Giving an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Sinking Fund.
The Spinster: In Defence of the Woollen Manufactures to Be Continued Occasionally. Numb. I.
The Report of a Committee Appointed to Explore the Western Waters in the State of New-York: For the Purpose of Prosecuting the Inland Lock Navigation.
A Proposal for the Relief of Ireland, by a Coinage of Monies, of Gold, and Silver; And Establishing a National Bank.
Some Persons Vindicated Against the Author of the Defection, &c. and That Writer Convicted of Malice and Falshood. R- W-, Esq.
The Yorkshire Question, or Petition, or Address: Most Earnestly and Seriously Addressed to the Consideration of the People of England Assembled in Their Several County, City, and Other Meetings.
Funds No Grievance: Or, the Sanction of Parliamentary Security Asserted. Shewing, by Unquestionable Instances and Arguments, That the Enemies to the Funds Are Enemies to the Constitution.
A Cultural History of Madrid: Modernism and the Urban Spectacle
Mud, Sweat, and Beers: A Cultural History of Sport and Alcohol
Considerations Upon the Trade to Guinea.
Protestants, Catholics and Jews in Germany, 1800-1914
Women, Immigration and Identities in France
Ourselves and Others: The Development of a Greek Macedonian Cultural Identity Since 1912
Second-Hand Cultures
German Travel Cultures
Into the Land of Nede
Some Observations Upon a Paper, Intituled, the List. That Is, of Those Who Voted for and Against the Excise-Bill.
A Short View of the Proposals Lately Made for the Final Adjustment of the Commercial System Between Great-Britain and Ireland.
Studies on Bacillus Sp of Hotsprings of Arunachal Pradesh, India
Some Aspects of Bose Einstein Condensation: A Theoretical Study
Estimation of the Causes of Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Sacred Choices Accessing the Astrology of Our Celestial Overlay
1805 Georgia Land Lottery Fortunate Drawers and Grantees
Between the Reins
The Expeditious Instructor: Or, Reading, Writing and Arithmetick Made Plain and Easy. ... Illustrated with a Variety of Alphabets and Copies, in Various Hands, on Copper Plates
Behind the Scenes at the Science Museum
Gender and Migration in Southern Europe: Women on the Move
Advertising Cultures
The Meaning of Water
Exporting Fascism: Italian Fascists and Britain's Italians in the 193s
Guinea-pigs: Food, Symbol and Conflict of Knowledge in Ecuador
Nazi family policy, 1933-1945
Consuming Germany in the Cold War
Napoleon's Legacy: Problems of Government in Restoration Europe
Homosexuality: Explaining the Zeitgeist
When I Am Quiet
What Faith and Love Can Do
History Becomes Form: Moscow Conceptualism
Tropics Bound: Elizabeth's Seadogs on the Spanish Main
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
Makers of the Microchip: A Documentary History of Fairchild Semiconductor
Mummies: Dried, Tanned, Sealed, Drained, Frozen, Embalmed, Stuffed, Wrapped, and Smoked... and We're Dead Serious
For the Liberty of Ireland, at Home and Abroad the Autobiography of J. F. X. O'Brien
Race and Class in the American South Since 1890
Scarum Fair
Jesus, in His Own Words
Seven Shots: An NYPD Raid on a Terrorist Cell and Its Aftermath
Italy's Southern Question : Orientalism in One Country
The Origins of Hertfordshire
Dress and Ethnicity: Change Across Space and Time
How2Become an Air Traffic Controller: The Insider's Guide
Snow and Sand
Phantom Four: Children of the Grave
A Taste for Speed
He Waited for Me
The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software
The Evolution of a Youthful Poet
Mulan: Five Versions of a Classic Chinese Legend, with Related Texts
Hues of Philosophy. Essays in Memory of Ruth Manor
Regimen de Las Malvinas, El
Apple Box Boy: Slices of Life
Water Hyacinth Weevil
Italian Renaissance Philosophy
The Tinkerer's Accomplice: How Design Emerges from Life Itself
Grandma Had a Teddy Bear Too
The Couple's Guide to Intimacy: How Sexual Reintegration Therapy Can Help Your Relationship Heal
Alphabet Grace
A Letter to His Grace the Duke of Grafton, on the Present Situation of Public Affairs.
An ACT for Relief of Insolvent Debtors.
Lord Shewalton Reporter. January 15. 1760. Memorial for the Creditors of Sir Archibald Cockburn Elder, and Sir Archibald Cockburn Younger of Langton, His Son,
A Copy of a Letter Wrote to a Member of Parliament, After the Proposals for Reducing the Publick Debt Were Rejected at the Last General Court of the Bank of England; ...
Ways and Means to Make South-Sea Stock More Intrinsically Worth Than Ready Money: By Reducing the Interest of Money to 3l. Per Cent. Without an Act of Parliament.
Reasons for Deferring or Amending the Bill, That All Proceedings in Courts of Justice Shall Be in the English Language.
A Debate Between Three Ministers of State on the Present Affairs of England. in Relation to the Disposition of the Nation at Home, Our Alliances Abroad, and the Designs of France.
Preliminary Articles of Peace, Between His Britannick Majesty, the Most Christian King, and the Catholick King. Signed at Fontainebleau, the 3D Day of November, 1762. ...
Sixth Report from the Committee of Secrecy Appointed by the House of Commons, ... to Enquirr [Sic] Into the State of the East India Company.
The Interests of the Protestant Dissenters Considered
How Alternation Can Change Your Life
The Business of Tattooing
The Imaginary Research Algorithm
These Thy Gifts: A Collection of Simple Meal Prayers
Secrets to the Unknown
Old Time Policing: A History of How Policing Was in the Mid 20th Century
A Perpetual Memorandum, and Universal Pocket-Book, for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Men of Business Together with the Complete Art of Angling: The Whole Collected from the Best Writers
Eight Tales
Life Rocks and Rolls: ..a Broken Promise
Dinner at the Mansion
The Divine Dynamic: Exploring the Relationships Between Humans, Earth, and the Creative Power of the Universe
A Thousand Sentences
Short Passages
Life Without a Zip Code
The Heidelbergh Catechism, or Method of Instruction in the Christian Religion, as the Same Is Taught in the Reformed Churches and Schools in Holland. the Sixth Edition.
Sensible Objects: Colonialism, Museums and Material Culture
Portals: Opening Doorways to Other Realities Through the Senses
Representing East Germany Since Unification: From Colonization to Nostalgia
Hitler's Bounty Hunters: The Betrayal of the Jews
Memory And World War II: An Ethnographic Approach
Art Rules: Pierre Bourdieu and the Visual Arts
Proposals Made by His Late Highness the Prince of Orange, to ... the States-General, and to the States of Holland and West Friezland, for Redressing and Amending the Trade of the Republick
Max and the Memory Machine
Original Papers, Relative to the Present Application to the British Parliament for Relief of the Roman Catholics in England. Viz: I. a Letter to the Four Vicars Apostolic in England
Nowhere Land (2 Volume Set): A Stephan Raszer Investigation
The Reformers and Their Stepchildren
Retro Fonts
The Art of Drawing, in Perspective: Wherein the Doctrine of Perspective Is Clearly and Concisely Treated Of, ... Illustrated with Variety of Copper-Plate Figures the Second Edition.
Adobe InDesign CS5 Illustrated
The Surprising Election and Confirmation of King David
World Anthropologies: Disciplinary Transformations within Systems of Power
Revolution and Resistance in Eastern Europe: Challenges to Communist Rule
Property in Question: Value Transformation in the Global Economy
Screaming with Laughter: Jokes about Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies, Dinosaurs, Bugs, and Other Scary Creatures
Sentenced to Everyday Life: Feminism and the Housewife
An Alphabetical Copy of the Poll, (as Scrutinized by the Returning Officers.) Taken at the Borough of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, in the County of Stafford, at the Election of a Member
Laser Material Processing
Flight of the Dodo
Fat Matrix: Universal Diet in the Fat Matrix
My Cat Kevin
A Narrative of the Proceedings in France, for Discovering and Detecting the Murderers of the English Gentlemen, September 21. 1723, Near Calais. the Second Edition.
The Secret Letters and Negotiations of the Mareschal D'Estrades, Monsieur Colbert, and the Count D'Avaux; The French King's Plenipotentiary-Ambassadors in the Treaty of Nimeguen Volume 2 of 4
The Secret Letters and Negotiations of the Mareschal D'Estrades, Monsieur Colbert, and the Count D'Avaux; The French King's Plenipotentiary-Ambassadors in the Treaty of Nimeguen Volume 3 of 4
The Prophet Nathan, Or, Plain Friend: Containing Some Observations Respecting the Late Insects Commonly Called the Hessian Fly, Considering Them as Judgement Upon the Land.
Badfellas: Crime, Tradition and New Masculinities
National Judgments, Calling for National Repentance: Or, a Serious Address to the Inhabitants of Great-Britain, on Account of the Exorbitant Rate of Provisions.
A Social History of Anthropology in the United States
The Authentic Dating Guide for Everyone: Simple Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Match
Bloody Poetry
Journey to Unity: The Path to a New American Majority
A Cup of Normal
The Botanical Magazine; Or, Flower-Garden Displayed: In Which the Most Ornamental Foreign Plants, Will Be Accurately Represented in Their Natural Colours.
Espejo Mexicano
Mingming and the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing: More Voyages of a Simple Sailor
The Beauties of the British Senate: From the Beginning of the Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, to the End of the Second Session of the Administration of the Right Hon. William Pitt Volume 1 of 2
Building Long Term Strategies and Public-Private Alliances for Export Development: The Finnish Case
Economic Impact of Disasters: Evidence from Dala Assessments by Eclac in Latin America and the Caribbean
Comfort to Aristeus: Or, a Few Useful Hints in the Management of Bees, So as to Render Honey and Wax a Cheap and Plentiful Commodity, Preserve the Lives of Those Useful Animals
Words in the Memory of the Night: Selected Poems
An Account of Count D'Artois and His Friend's Passage to the Moon, in a Flying Machine, Called, an Air Balloon; Which Was Constructed in France, and from Which Place They Ascended.
The Conduct of Our Several Ministers with Respect to the Ballance of Power in Europe, the Necessity of Supporting the House of Austria, and Prescribing Bounds to the Power of France.
The End of Arrogance: America in the Global Competition of Ideas
Some Observations Upon the Present State of the Dissenting Interest, and the Case of Those Who Have Lately Deserted It: Wherein Something Further Is Suggested for Its Support and Strengthning
Facing Age: A Practical Guide for Families
Stand Up Strummer
Bones, Dean and Me
Lincoln and the Decision for War: The Northern Response to Secession
Servants and Gentlewomen to the Golden Land: The Emigration of Single Women from Britain to Southern Africa, 1820-1939
Reconstructing Italian Fashion: America and the Development of the Italian Fashion Industry
The Dead I Know: Incantation for Rebirth
What in the World Is Green Food?
Big Bright Sun
Genocide and Rescue: The Holocaust in Hungary 1944
The Larger Catechism First Agreed Upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster. and Now Appointed by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
Windsor Forest, by Alexander Pope, Esq. with the French Translation, by M. Viel de Boisjolin. New Song of Old Time, by M. de Segur; With the English Translation, by M.L.C. Esq. Cato's Soliloquy
The New Era of Enterprise Business Intelligence: Using Analytics to Achieve a Global Competitive Advantage
Cruising Almanac Tide Tables: 2011
Contested Landscapes: Movement, Exile and Place
Gender, Water and Development
A Safe and Sure Method to Bring Sight to the Eyes of Those People Who Never Had It: And to Restore It to Others, Without Any Manual Operation, or Medicinal Application to the Eyes and to Cure 2ed
Unfaithful: Confessions of a Cheating Heart
What in the World Is a Green School?
Vanishing Wilderness of Africa
Fundamentals of Financial Markets and Institutions in Australia
Deadly Ideals
The Meanings of Violence: A Cross-cultural Perspective
Feasts, Fasts, Famine: Food for Thought
Cool Jobs for Kids Who Like Kids: Ways to Make Money Working with Children
Habitat, Economy and Society in the Central Africa Rain Forest
Elizabeth I: A Feminist Perspective
France in Indochina: Colonial Encounters
The State of U.S. History
Why Women Wear What They Wear
Britain, France and Appeasement: Anglo-French Relations in the Popular Front Era
Kitchen Secrets: The Meaning of Cooking in Everyday Life
Tackling Racism in Europe: An Examination of Anti-discrimination Law in Practice
The Twentieth Century Russian Novel: An Introduction
Embedding Ethics: Shifting Boundaries of the Anthropological Profession
Postcards from the Cinema
Home/Front: The Military, War and Gender in Twentieth-Century Germany
Divina Is Divina: Poetry
Offside Racism: Playing the White Man
Justin Bieber: Singing Sensation
Other Worlds: Notions of Self and Emotion Among the Lohorung Rai
Histories of Leisure
Money-go-rounds: The Importance of Roscas for Women
Women and Bull Fighting: Gender, Sex and the Consumption of Tradition
Human Adaptation
Astrology, Science and Culture: Pulling Down the Moon
Home Possessions: Material Culture Behind Closed Doors
French Erotic Fiction: Women's Desiring Writing, 1880-1990
Presidential Power in Fifth Republic France
The New Theological Repository; Consisting of Original Essays, ... Extracts from Valuable Writings, ... Sacred Criticism, and Notes Upon ... Scripture, ... Reviews and New
The Bishop of London's Pastoral Letter to the People of His Diocese; Particularly to Those of the Two Great Cities of London and Westminster. Occasion'd by Our Present Dangers
Some Cursory Remarks on a Late Printed Paper, Called, the Last Speeches and Dying-Words of Captain Thomas Green, and of Captain John Madder
The Scoundrel's Dictionary, or an Explanation of the Cant Words Used by the Thieves, ... to Which Is Prefixed, Some Curious Dissertations on the Art of Wheedling; And a Collection of Their Flash Songs
The Life of Doctor Archibald Cameron, Brother to Donald Cameron of Lochiel, Chief of That Clan. Containing the Reasons Which Induc'd the Doctor to List Among the Rebels.
A Selection from the Sacred Works of Handel, Also of the Messiah, an Oratorio, as Will Be Performed at St. James's Church, Colchester, on Wednesday and Thursday Mornings, Sept. 22, 23, 1790.
The New Theological Repository; Consisting of Original Essays, Extracts from Valuable Writings, Sacred Criticism, and Notes Upon Scripture
A Sketch of the General Plan for Executing the General Purposes of the Royal Charter, Establishing an Hospital for the Maintenance and Education of Exposed and Deserted Children
Standing Orders of the Commissioners of Sewers of the City of London. That the Inspectors, Upon Finding Any Goods, Materials
The Genuine Legal Sentence Pronounced by the High Court of Judicature of Portugal Upon the Conspirators Against the Life of His Most Faithful Majesty; With the Just Motives for the Same
The Trials of Five Persons for Piracy, Felony and Robbery, Who Were Found Guilty and Condemned, at a Court of Admiralty for the Trial of Piracies, Felonies and Robberies, Committed on the High Seas
Grant to the Georgia Mississippi Company, the Constitution Thereof, and Extracts Relative to the Situation, Soil, Climate, and Navigation of the Western Territory of the State of Georgia
Vade-Mecum: Or, the Dealers Pocket Companion. Containing Tables for the Ready Knowing the Amount or Value of Any Commodity, Either Bought or Sold, by the Pound, Ounce
Justin Grows His Hair
Treaty and Convention for the Sick, Wounded, and Prisoners of War, of the Land Forces of His Majesty the King of Great-Britain, and of His Most Christian Majesty.
Write Your Memoir
The Sailor's Jester, or Merry Lad's Companion: Being a Diverting, Droll and Entetaining Collection of Funny Jests, Witty Replies, Dangerous Escapes, of the Brave Tars of Old England
An Impartial History of the War in America, Between Great Britain and the United States, from Its Commencement to the End of the War: Exhibiting a Circumstantial, Connected Volume 3 of 3
Architecture and Memory of the Minority Quarter in the Muslim Mediterranean City
Miners on Strike: Class Solidarity and Division in Britain
A Practical Companion to Ethics
Bag Limit: A Posadas County Mystery
Inside European Identities: Ethnography in Western Europe
Cool Snack Food Art: Easy Recipes That Make Food Fun to Eat!
Mothers of the Nation: Right-Wing Women in Weimar Germany
Persons and Powers of Women in Diverse Cultures: Essays in Honour of Audrey I.Richards, Phyllis M.Kaberry and Barbara B.Ward
Contraception Across Cultures: Technologies, Choices, Constraints: v. 21
The Politics of Appearances: Representations of Dress in Revolutionary France
Undressing Religion: Commitment and Conversion from a Cross-cultural Perspective
Trench Art: Materialities and Memories of War
Latex and Lingerie: Shopping for Pleasure at Ann Summers Parties
Science in the Third Reich
Commercial Cultures: Economies, Practices, Spaces
Radicals Against Race: Black Activism and Cultural Politics
Closed for the Season
What Churchill Would Do: Practical Business Advice Based on Winston's WW2 Wisdom
Finding the Gray
Margaret Vol 1: A Tale of the Real and the Ideal, Blight and Bloom; Including Sketches of a Place Not Before Described, Called Mons Christi
Day of the Dandelion: An Arthur Hemmings Mystery
The Japanese Revolution in Paris Fashion: v. 34
Nationalism and the Nation in the Iberian Peninsula: Competing and Conflicting Identities
Genetic Twists of Fate
On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance
Reiki Shamanism
The Lutheran Liturgy: Now Us'd by the Protestants in the Reformed Churches of Germany, Prov'd to Agree with the Rites ... of the Book of Common-Prayer, Us'd by the Church of England.
Finding Sanctuary
Love Me Tender: The Stories Behind the World's Favourite Songs
Goodbye to All That: On the Failure of Neo-Liberalism and the Urgency of Chance
Lamar Hunt: The Gentle Giant Who Revolutionized Professional Sports
Poetry: Recitations for the Tantric College
Making and Remaking Italy: The Cultivation of National Identity Around the Risorgimento
An Alphabetical Copy of the Poll, Taken at the Borough of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, at the Election of a Member, to Represent the Said Borough in Parliament; In the Room of Sir Archibald MacDonald
Gamma Mathematics: NCEA Level 1
Dressing Up Debutantes: Pageantry and Glitz in Texas
North America and the English: With a Winter Residence at Philadelphia
Job Search Strategies: Get a Good Job... Even in a Bad Economy
Poor Richard Improved: Being an Almanack and Ephemeris ... for the Bissextile Year, 1748. ... Fitted to the Latitude of Forty Degrees, and a Meridian of Near Five Hours from London
The Noble and Renowned History of Guy, Earl of Warwick: Containing a Full and True Account of His Many Famous and Valiant Actions, ... Extracted from Authentic Records
A View of the Wax-Work Figures in King Henry the Viith's Chapel, Westminster Abbey; Exhibited in Several Curious Copperplate Prints, Drawn on the Spot by James Roberts a New Edition.
The Miscarriages of the Whig-Ministry, Discovering the Intrigues of That Party for the First Eight Years of the Late Reign: Collected from the Proceedings, Votes, and Other Authentick Papers, 3ed
A Plain and Succinct Discourse on Convulsions in General; But More Particularly in Children. in Which the Causes and Cures of Them Are Methodically and Fully Explain'd.
The Poll for Electing Two Burgesses, for the Town and Borough of Maidstone, in the County of Kent, to Serve in Parliament
A Genuine Account of the Life of John Rann, Alias Sixteen-String Jack: Who Was Executed November 30th. 1774, for a Robbery on the Highway, Near Brentford
Sanitation and Hygiene in East Asia
A Collection of the Several Papers Deliver'd by Mr. J. Gordon. the Earl of Derwentwater. VT. Kenmure. ... to Which Is Added a Letter to the Earl of Derwentwater, During His Confinement in the Tower
Dreamwalking My Mother
Undervalued Women
Designated Fat Girl: A Memoir
Papers Recommended to the Mature Consideration of the Governors of the Marine Society. Shewing How the Institution Is Capable of a Most Essential Improvemen
Prophetic Conjectures on the French Revolution, and Other Recent and Shortly Expected Events: Extracted from Archp. Brown. 1551 Rev. J. Knox. 1572 Dr. T. Goodwin
Investigating the Death of Innocents
Honouring the Word: Poetry and Prose. Celebrating Maurice Harmon on His 80th Birthday
Mr Secretary-General, Ladies and Gentlemen... : The Concern Worldwide 2010 Writing Competition - Winning Student Speeches to the United Nations on the UN's Millennium Development Goals
The Cailiffs of Baghdad, Georgia: A Novel
The Christian's Pocket Companion: Being a Collection of Scriptures, Classed Under Proper Heads: Proving Christ Jesus to Be God as Well as Man. Collected for the Use of Young Christians of Every Church
The Flower-Garden Display'd, in Above Four Hundred Curious Representations of the Most Beautiful Flowers; With the Description and History of Each Plant and the Method of Their Culture; ...
Entertaining Memoirs of Little Personages, or Moral Amusements for Young Gentlemen. Contain'd in the Histories of Master Joseph Jollyboy
Copies and Extracts of Such Parts of the Correspondence Between the Governor General, and the Governments of India Respectively, with the Court of Directors
Lumina Nova - Arbeitsheft
Keiner Ist So Schlau Wie Ich I: Ein Forderprogramm Fur Kinder
Cicero, Reden Gegen Verres Clara: Kurze Lateinische Texte
Griechische Schriftsteller: Homer, Platon, Xenophon - Schriftsteller, Aus Deren Quellen Wir Heute Noch Schopfen
Games, Sports and Cultures
The Meaning of Europe: Variety and Contention within and Among Nations
Modern Greece: A Cultural Poetics
Mallarme on Fashion: A Translation of the Fashion Magazine La Derniere Mode, with Commentary
The Art of Kula
Death, Memory and Material Culture
An ACT for Better Regulating the Poor; Maintaining a Nightly Watch; Lighting, Paving, and Cleansing the Streets, Rows, and Passages; Providing Fire Engines and Firemen
Constitutions of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons; Collected and Digested from Their Old Records, Faithful Traditions, and Lodge Books: For the Use of Lodges.
Memoirs of the New Age: A Book of Stories, Prayers, and Fables: Plus the Book of Yes and Coming Home
Live a Praying Life Journal
The Art of Drawing, and Painting in Water-Colours Whereby a Stranger to Those Arts May Be Immediately Render'd Capable of Delineating Any View or Prospect with the Utmost Exactness: The Third Ed
Becoming a Young Woman Who Pleases God
Ready, Set, Play!: Parents and Children Bonding Through Sports
The Philosophical Works of the Late Right Honorable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. in Five Volumes. Published by David Mallet, Esq; Volume I. Volume 1 of 5
The Second Part of Cases Argued and Decreed in the High Court of Chancery, Continued from the Thirtieth Year of King Charles II. to the Fourth Year of King James II. the Third Edition, Volume 1 of 2
Some Considerations on the Laws Which Incapacitate Papists from Purchasing Lands, from Taking Long or Beneficial Leases, and from Lending Money on Real Securities.
It's Been A Hard Life, I Just Make It LOOK Good
Some Considerations Upon Pluralities, Non-Residence, and Salaries of Curates.
Enquiries Into the Principal Causes of the General Poverty of the Common People of Ireland. with Remedies Propos'd for Removing of Them.
Premiums Offered by the Dublin Society, in the Year 1765, for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Manufactures, and Useful Arts in Ireland.
An Abstract of the ACT Upon Income, with the Alterations and Amendments, as Passed in the Houses of Lords and Commons, Containing the Qualifications of Surveyors and Inspectors
A Report from the Committee Appointed to Enquire Into the State of the Goals [Sic] of England: Relating to the Fleet Prison. with the Resolutions and Orders of the House of Commons Thereupon.
A Motif of Mathematics: History and Application of the Mediant and the Farey Sequence
Sport, Identity and Ethnicity
The Adventures of Katie Kross: Journey Into the Pyramids
God's Harp String: The Life and Legacy of the Benedictine Monk, Swami Abhishiktananda
Arabian Nights Entertainments: Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories, Told by the Sultaness of the Indies, Now Done Into English from the Last Paris Edition. the Fourteenth Edition. Volume 1 of 4
Warrants of the Charter Erecting, Confirming and Granting New Privileges to the Royal Bank of Scotland.
A Pocket Companion for Oxford. Containing, an Accurate Description of the Public Edifices, the Buildings in Each of the Colleges, the Gardens a New Edition, with Additions.
The Account of the Burning the City of London, as It Was Publish'd by the Special Authority of King and Council in the Year, 1666. to Which Is Added
Seasonable Advice to the Electors of Great Britain: With a Word or Two Relating to the Influence of the Clergy in Elections. to Which Is Added, the True Picture of a Modern Tory; ...
Reasons of Dissent from the Sentence and Resolution of the Commission of the General Assembly, Met at Edinburgh March 11. 1752, Concerning the Conduct of the Presbytery of Dunfermline
Some Plain Reasons for a Repeal of the Late Cyder-ACT. Dedicated to Every Man Who Pays Taxes, and Particularly to the Honourable G- T-D, M.P. for N-K, and to G- A-D, Esq. M.P. for B-Ple in Dev-Re.
The Methuen Drama Book of Naturalist Plays: A Doll's House , Miss Julie , The Weavers , Mrs Warren's Profession , Three Sisters, Strife
The Creative Writer's Survival Guide: Advice from an Unrepentant Novelist
Passage to Redemption
Apocalypse Ranch
Third Report from the Select Committee Appointed by the House of Commons, ... to Enquire Into the Nature, State and Condition, of the East-India Company, ...
Some Account of the Character of the Late Right Honourable Henry Bilson Legge
Remarks on Mr. Maxwell's and Mr. Rowley's Letters: Setting Forth the Advantages of a Bank and Lumbards in Ireland. in a Letter to a Friend.
The Most Important Transactions of the Sixth Session of the First Parliament of His Majesty King George II. Anno Domini, MDCCXXXIII. ...
Examination of William Vaughan, Esq. in a Committee of the Hon. House of Commons, April 22, 1796, on the Commerce of the Port of London, and the Accomodation for Shipping, &C.
Debates in the Asiatic Assembly.
Observations by a Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures in the City of Glasgow, on the Printed Bill for Regulating the Importation and Exportation of Corn, &C.
The Folly of Appointing Men of Parts to Great Offices in a State.
The Consequences of a Law for Reducing the Dutys Upon French Wines, Brandy, Silks and Linen, to Those of Other Nations. with Remarks on the Mercator
An Abstract of All the Acts Passed in the Third Session of the Fifth Parliament of Great Britain, and in the Fourth Year of the Reign of ... King George.
The Correspondence of the REV. C. Wyvill with the Right Honourable William Pitt. Part II. Published by Mr. Wyvill.
Thoughts Upon the Commercial Bill, Shewing Its Inefficacy in the Present Instance, and Future Evil Tendency, &C. &C.
Letters on the Subject of an Invasion, Addressed to the People of Great-Britain and Ireland. ...
A Congratulatory Address to His Majesty, from the Peasantry of Ireland, Vulgarly Denominated White Boys, Or, Right Boys.
Observations on the Answer of the King of Great Britain to the Manifesto, &C. of the Court of Versailles. by an Independent Whig.
East India Debate. an Authentic Account of the Debate in the House of Commons, on Thursday and Friday, the First and Second Days of June 1786
The Bengal Kalendar and Register, for the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-Five, Containing Lists of the Honourable East India Company's Servants, on the Bengal Establishment,
Topological Groups: An Introduction
The Art of Drawing, and Painting in Water-Colours. Wherein the Principles of Drawing Are Laid Down, After a Natural and Easy Manner a New Edition, Corrected, and .. Illustrated with Copper-Plates.
Tables of the Net Duties Payable, and Drawbacks Allowed on Certain Goods, Wares and Merchandize, Imported, Exported, or Carried Coastwise. Together with a List of the Bounties
Fifty Reasons, or Motives, Why the Roman Catholic, Apostolic Religion Ought to Be Preferred to All the Sects This Day in Christendom; And Which Induced
Murder Handed Down
The History of the Surprizing Rise and Sudden Fall of Masaniello, the Fisherman of Naples, Who in the Space of Four Days Raised 150,000 People in Arms: Containing Very Exact and Impartial Accounts
Back of a Vast
The Foxfire Light/For the Love of God
Alianza del Converso, La
Creative Stress: A Path for Evolving Souls Living Through Personal and Planetary Upheaval
Micro Business for Teens Workbook
A Letter from Earl Stanhope, to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke: Containing a Short Answer to His Late Speech on the French Revolution.
The Advantages of Education, Religious and Political. in a Sermon Preach'd at St. Margaret's Westminster, January the 13th. 1705. ... by William Lord Arch-Bishop of Dublin.
A Letter Concerning the Consequence of an Incorporating Uniou, [Sic], in Relation to Trade.
The Resolutions, Rules, Orders, and Regulations, for the Government of the Cork Friendly Society.
A Supplement to Faults in the Fault-Finder. in Answer to the Vindication of Faults on Both Sides.
A Word in Season to the Traders and Manufacturers of Great Britain. Second Edition.
The Best Choice of Parliament-Men Considered, in This Critical Juncture: So as to Bring Down the Exorbitant Power of France, and to Establish the General Peace of Europe.
An Answer to the Complete Investigation of Mr. Eden's Treaty.
Facts Relating to the Treaty of Commerce, Lately Concluded by Governor Vansittart, Without the Consent of His Council, with the Nabob of Bengal: Together with Copies of Some Original Papers.
Some Observations Upon the ACT to Prevent Frivolous and Vexatious Arrests.
An Essay Upon Trade, and Publick Credit; Shewing the Advantages of the East-India Prohibition, Bankrupts Affidavits, &C. Dedicated to Mr. T. S. an Eminent Citizen, and an Universal Merchant; ...
On Wet Docks, Quays, and Warehouses, for the Port of London; With Hints Respecting Trade. Part I.
The Farmer Restored: Or the Landed Interest Preserved. Most Humbly Offered to the Consideration of the Right Honourable the House of Commons.
Reports of the Committee of Warehouses of the East-India Company, Relative to Extending the Trade in Bengal Raw-Silk.
The Ancient and Modern Constitution of Government Stated and Compared. and Also Some Remarks on the Controversy Concerning the Dependance of Members of Parliament on the Crown.
List of the Members of the Board of Agriculture
Arabian Nights Entertainments: Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories, Told by the Sultaness of the Indies, Translated Into French from the Arabian Mss. by M. Galland Volume 3 of 4
Onania: Or, the Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution, and All Its Frightful Consequences, (in Both Sexes, ) Consider'd the Fifteenth Edition, as Also the Sixth Edition of the Supplement to It
Picross, Hanjie, Griddlers, Nonograms: 120+20! Puzzles
The Ladies Dispensatory: Or Every Woman Her Own Physician. Treating of the Nature, Causes, and Various Symptoms, of All the Diseases, Infirmities, and Disorders, Natural or Contracted
The Welcoming Party: Heavenly Adventures Volume 3
The Seven Deadly Sins: A Collection of New Plays
Go Get the Job
History of the Counties of Berks and Leb
Trina Teacher Makes a Plan
Kraft Und Balance Der Elemente. Uber Das Heilen Mit Den Kraften Der Natur
Proceedings in the National Assembly of France, on the Admission of Mr. William Priestley, and the Motion for His Naturalization.
Seasonable Advice to All Smugglers of French Cambricks and French Lawns; With a Brief State, from the Honourable Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, of Smuggling in the Year 1745; ...
The Further Report of the Commissioners and Trustees Appointed to Enquire Into the Forfeited Estates in England, and Ireland, and Elsewhere, (Except Scotland.), 1722. ...
A Translation of the Dutch Placart and Ordinance for the Government of the Great Fishery. Presented by Mr. Horsley.
Proceedings of the National Assembly of France, Upon the Proposed Abolition of the Slave Trade in That Kingdom. Translated from the Journals of the National Assembly. ...
Substance of the Report of the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company, Delivered to the General Court of Proprietors, on Thursday the 26th February, 1795. ...
A Treatise Upon Lime Considered as a Cement and Also as a Manure.
First Report from the Select Committee, Appointed to Take Into Consideration the Present State of Commercial Credit, ... Printed by Order of the House of Commons, April 29, 1793.
The Seventh-Day Ox: And Other Miracle Stories from Russia
A System of Divinity and Morality; Containing a Series of Discourses on the Principal and Most Important Points of Natural and Revealed Religion. in Five Volumes. Volume 4 of 5
Defensive Handgun: Preparing to Prevail
This is Tomorrow
One Hundred Pounds
He's Only A Prayer Away: 9 Examples of Praying Until Your Breakthrough
Tackling Bullying in Athletics: Best Practices for Modeling Appropriate Behavior
The Only Glow of the Day
Who Can Stop The Wind?: Travels in the Borderland Between East and West
A Complete Account of the Ceremonies Observed in the Coronations of the Kings and Queens of England. Containing, I. the Form of the Royal Letters of Summons, ... XIII. the Third Edition.
Secret of the Shroud
Considerations on Our Corn-Laws, and the Bill Proposed to Amend Them.
The Plain Question Upon the Present Dispute with Our American Colonies. the Second Edition.
Reflections on the Caelibacy of Fellows of Colleges.
Corn-Bill Hints, in Answer to the Memorial for the Merchants, Traders, and Manufacturers of the City of Glasgow.
The Application of the Money Granted by Parliament in the Year 1767, to the Dublin Society, for the Encouragement of Certain Trades and Manufactures.
Speech of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Esq. in the House of Commons of Great Britain, on Thursday, January 31st, 1799, in Reply to Mr. Pitt's Speech on the Union with Ireland.
The Plain Question Upon the Present Dispute with Our American Colonies. the Fourth Edition.
Address to the Publick, from the Committee of the Cork Society for Bettering the Condition and Increasing the Comforts of the Poor.
A Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Molesworth. by M.B. Drapier, Author of the Letter to the Shop-Keepers, &C.
Blood Desert: Witnesses, 1820-1880
Palo Duro: A Novel about Fraternity Rivalry at Wtsu in the Fall of 1969
Bristol Murders and Misdemeanours
Daily Spirit Journal, Vol. VI
Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms
Urban Warfare
Myself and I
Arabian Tales: Or, a Continuation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments. Consisting of Stories Related by the Sultana of the Indies, Volume 4 of 4
A List of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal: As Also a Very Exact and Correct Double List of the Honourable the Knights and Commissioners of Shires, Citizens and Burgesses
The Account of the Burning the City of London, as It Was Publish'd by the Special Authority of King and Council, in the Year, 1666. to Which Is Added
A Letter to the Publick, Concerning Bogs
A Sketch of the Life and Character of Mr. Ratcliffe. Containing the Part He Acted in the Rebellion, ... His Sentence ... His Adventures ...
Probabilitat I Estadstica
Exmouth Through Time
Construccion Del Territorio Disperso, La
An Appendix to the Abridgment of the Statutes of Ireland; Containing an Abridgment of the Several Acts Passed in This Kingdom, in the Twenty Third and Twenty Fourth Years of King George the Third
The Answer of the States-General of the United Provinces of the Low-Countries, to the Declaration of War of the King of Great Britain. Printed in 1674. Publish'd by Their Lordship's Order.
Annotations on a Late Pamphlet Intituled, Considerations on the Proposal for Reducing the Interest on the National Debt.
The Principal Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland; Conveened at Edinburgh, the 3D Day of May 1716 ...
The Caveat, an Essay, Upon Incorporate Mercantile Bodies, and the Reduction of Interest by Extrajudicial Means.
An Argument to Shew the Disadvantage That Would Accrue to the Publick, from Obliging the South-Sea Company to Fix What Capital Stock They Will Give for the Annuities. the Second Edition.
An Impartial Journal, of What Passed Between Admiral Matthews, and the Combined Fleets of France and Spain, ... 1743-4. to Which Is Added, a List of the Fleets on Each Side, ...
The Bubble: A Poem.
A New-Year's-Gift for the Directors. with Some Account of Their Plot Against the Two Assurances; Also a Few Heads of a New Scheme, in a Letter to Sir B--N J--N.
The Character of an Independent Whig. the Fourth Edition.
No Vacancy
Danke Schoen
Murder in Hattusas: Hittite Trilogy
The Great Storm: The Hurricane Diary of J. T. King, Galveston, Texas, 1900
Soul Piano Songbook
Kingdom of Color
Tales of Tokyo
Life and War with Mikey Fatboy Delgado
301 Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Publishing: Answers to Common Questions about Self-Publishing, Print-On-Demand, Book Marketing, Using Createspace and More
Treasures of Midnight Lights
Write a Marketable Children's Book in 7 Weeks
Orcania: Because Saving the World Once Is Never Enough
Rambles: Outings with a Wayward Muse
Recovery: A Return to the Self
Tragedy Introduced Me to Triumph
Mystic Witch
Pop/Rock Piano Favorites
Observations on the Late Increase of the Dividend on Bank Stock.
Report of the Sub-Committee Respecting the Improvements Which Have Been Lately Made in the Prisons and Houses of Correction in England and Wales.
The Principles of the Constitution of England; Including an Account of the Parliament, National Debt, and Established Religion.
A Supplement to the Second Part of the Memoirs of John Ashley, Esq; Concerning the Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies in America, on Taxes Upon Sugar. the Second Edition.
Advice to John Ranby, Esq; ... with Some Observations on His Narrative of the Last Illness of the Right Honourable the Earl of Orford.
The Chronicle of the Short Reign of Honesty. in Four Chapters. Address'd to the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council of the City of London.
Understanding Indian Place Names in Southern New England
Political Fables, with Proper Reflections.
A Modern Catalogue of Books Printed in Great Britain and Published in London Since the Year MDCCLXXXV to the Present Time, ... Classed Under the Several Branches of Literature, ...
Reasons Against a Militia for Scotland.
Considerations Upon the Fatal Consequences of Abolishing the Slave Trade, in the Present Situation of Great Britain. the Second Edition.
Christian Knowledge an Universal Privilege. a Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of Warrington, at the Institution of an Incorporated Charity School for the Education of Poor Children ...
The Case of Insolvent Debtors Considered: With Proposals for the Relief Both of Them, and Their Creditors: Also, Reasons for the Amendment of the Law, ...
Anthology of 16th Century French Poetry
A Short Account of the Society for Equitable Assurances on Lives and Survivorships; Established by Deed, Inrolled in His Majesty's Court of King's Bench at Westminster
Considerations Occasioned by the Bill for Enabling the South-Sea Company to Increase Their Capital Stock, &C. with Observations of Mr. Law, ...
A Proposal for a Perpetual Equalization of the Pay of the Labouring Poor.
Miscellaneous Reflexions, on Miscellaneous Thoughts, &C. in a Letter to the Honourable Author. Humbly Address'd by P. P.
Smart Martha's Catholic Guide for Busy Moms
Some Fishes I Have Known: A Reef Rescue Odyssey
Gifts Cooks Love: Recipes for Giving
I Come First: How the Individual Ego Rules Every Business Decision
Jason Witten
Cupid Triumphant Containing Several Amorous Poems, Love Letters, Between Persons of Distinction: Viz the Celebrated Letters, of Abelard and Eloisa Two Admirable Poems
The Complete London Jester, Or, Wit's Companion: Containing All the Fun and All the Humour, Which Have Lately Flowed from the Two Universities the Seventh Edition
An Invitation to Malacanan
A Collection of All the Hand-Bills, Squibs, Songs, Essays, . Published During the Late Contested Election for the County of Hants: Between the Right Honourable Sir Richard Worsley, Bart. and Jervoise
God's Entrepreneurs
Spanish Insolence Corrected by English Bravery; Being, an Historical Account of the Many Signal Naval Atchievements Obtained by the English Over the Spaniards from the Year 1350 to the Present Time
Characters. Containing an Impartial Review of the Public Conduct and Abilities of the Most Eminent Personages in the Parliament of Great-Britain: Considered as Statesmen, Senators, and Public Speakers
Arquitectura Y Transhumanismo
Night Gears
Restaurant from Scratch: How to Trust Your Heart, Listen to the Market and Beat the Odds
Volver A Verte
Arquitectura y Hermen Utica
Some Considerations on the Case Stated, Between the Publick and the South-Sea Company. in a Letter Address'd to the Author.
Two Letters from Mr. Burke to Gentlemen in the City of Bristol, on the Bills Depending in Parliament Relative to the Trade of Ireland. the Second Edition.
A Hint to a Patriot Parliament.
Burnt Children, Dread the Fire. the Second Edition.
An Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Welsh Society, for Supporting a Charity School, Erected in Gray's Inn Road London; With a List of the Governors and Annual Subscribers.
Lottery Schemes in General: Calculated to Raise Any Sums of Money, Without Enhancing the Publick Debt or Taxes. Humbly Addressed to the Legislature, by John Woodcock.
The Plan of Constitution for the French Republic. Presented to the Convention by the Commission of Eleven, in the Sitting of the 5th Messidor, or 23rd of June 1795.
Experiments on Lime, United with Weed-Ash and Kelp, in Different Proportions Together with a Process for Making Pot-Ash. by Richard Cunningham.
The Jacobins' Lamentation: Or, the Poor Too Rich!
A Copy of the Charter of the Corporation of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England
Cato's Distichs de Moribus Improved, in a More Complete and Useful Method Than Any Yet Extant: Containing Not Only a Correct Numerical Clavis, with a Construing and Parsing Index the Fourth Edition.
A Short State of the War, and the Peace
The Unreasonableness and Ill Consequence of Imprisoning the Body for Debt, Prov'd from the Laws of God and Nature, Human Policy and Interest. Address'd to a Noble Lord.
Two Elegies on the Much to Be Lamented Death of Matthew Buckingher, the Famous Little Man Expos'd for a German Show. Who Died at Cork in Ireland, Sept. 28. 1722.
A Letter to the Deputy Manager of a Theatre-Royal, London, on His Lately Acquired Notoriety, in Contriving and Arranging the Hair Powder ACT, Commonly Called the Poll Tax.
A New-Years-Gift for Batchelors: Or, a Looking-Glass for Cuckolds. Containing, I. a Match for the Devil; A Poem in Imitation of Mons. Rabelais. II. a Law Against Cuckoldom; Or, the Tryal of a Wife.
Lutherans in Crisis: The Question of Identity in the American Republic
Debates of the House of Commons, in January 1704. Upon the Great Question, Whether an Action Lies at Common Law for an Elector, Who Is Denied His Vote for Members of Parliament? the Second Edition
Arabian Tales: Or, a Continuation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments. Consisting of Stories Related by the Sultana of the Indies, ... in Four Volumes. Volume 2 of 4
Arabian Tales: Or, a Continuation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments. Consisting of Stories Related by the Sultana of the Indies, ... in Four Volumes. Volume 3 of 4
A Description of All the Seats of the Present Wars of Europe, in the Netherlands, Piedmont, Lombardy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain, and Portugal Being a Particular Survey of All Those Countries
The History of the Republick of Holland, from Its First Foundation to the Death of King William. as Also, a Particular Description of the United Provinces.
Arabian Tales: Or, a Continuation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments. Consisting of Stories Related by the Sultana of the Indies, Volume 3 of 4
The Pleasures of Contamination: Evidence, Text, and Voice in Textual Studies
The Making of Pink Floyd: The Wall
The Good Effects, of Sunday Schools, and Other Charitable Institutions of This Nature, with a Plan, for the Permanent Establishment of This Excellent Charity, in the Vicinity of Wrexham
The Weary Titan: Britain and the Experience of Relative Decline, 1895-1905
Dutch Ships in Tropical Waters: The Development of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) Shipping Network in Asia 1595-1660
Music and Probability
The Bishop of London's Third Pastoral Letter to the People of His Diocese: Particularly, to Those of the Two Great Cities of London and Westminster Occasion'd by the Suggestions the Second Ed
Female Managers Are More Intelligent
Outside My Window
Alfred's Teach Yourself Cubase
Elite Ambition
Concert Paraphrase on Powder Her Face
A Copy of the Poll, Taken at the Borough of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, in the County of Stafford, at the Election of Members to Represent the Said Borough in Parliament
The Famous History of Doctor John Faustus, the Noted Conjurer and Necromancer: Wherein Is Contained Many Very Strange Things That Himself Had Seen and Done in the Earth and Air
The Proceedings of the House of Representatives of the United States, with Respect to the Petitions Praying for a Repeal of the Alien and Sedition Laws: Including the Report of a Select Committee
A Farther Hue and Cry After Dr. SW----T. Being a Collection of Curious Pieces Found Since His Departure. Viz. I. a Genuine Epistle from M-W P-R, Esq; At Paris, to the Revd Dr. J-N SW-T at Windsor.
The Case of William Paul, a Clergyman, and John Hall, Esq; Containing, I. Some Particulars of Their Families, an Account of Their Engaging in the Rebellion, and Their Tryal for the Same.
Rules, Orders, and Regulations, for the Government of the Workhouse Belonging to That Part of the Parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, Which Lies Above the Bars, in the County of Middlesex
Methods Used for Erecting Charity-Schools, with the Rules and Orders by Which They Are Governed. a Particular Account of the London Charity-Schools the Sixteenth Edition, with Additions.
ACT for Establishing a Permanent Fund for the Relief and Support of Skippers and Keelmen Employed on the River Tyne, Who by Sickness, or Other Accidental Misfortunes
The Country Correspondent. in Which Is Contained, a Short Reply to Mr. Common Sense, Occasioned by His Paper of 1739. and an Essay Towards the Character of 'Squire Flash Number I.
The Articles of Configuration: The Genesis Project
Blasphemy in the Christian World: A History
The Art of Drawing in Perspective: Wherein the Doctrine of Perspective Is Clearly and Concisely Treated Of, Also, the Arts of Painting Upon Glass, and Drawing in Crayons the Sixth Edition
The Louisiana Seafood Bible: Crabs
Making Group Work Easy: The Art of Successful Facilitation
Bearing Witness: Psychoanalytic Work with People Traumatised by Torture and State Violence
To Ask for an Equal Chance: African Americans in the Great Depression
Attachment and New Beginnings: Reflections on Psychoanalytic Therapy
Operation Weseruebung: The Dawn of Decisive Airpower in Joint Military Operations
At Home with Andre and Simone Weil
Saints and Scamps: Ethics in Academia
The Methods Used for Erecting Charity-Schools, with the Rules and Orders by Which They Are Governed. a Particular Account of the London Charity-Schools the Fifteenth Edition, with Additions.
Poor Richard Improved: Being an Almanack and Ephemeris ... for the Year of Our Lord 1753 ... Fitted to the Latitude of Forty Degrees, and a Meridian of Near Five Hours West from London
Poor Richard Improved: Being an Almanack and Ephemeris ... for the Year of Our Lord 1751 ... Fitted to the Latitude of Forty Degrees, and a Meridian of Near Five Hours West from London
Treasury Department, December 13, 1790. in Obedience to the Order of the House of Representatives, of the Ninth Day of August Last, Requiring the Secretary of the Treasury to Prepare and Report
Memoirs of the Life and Character of Dr. Nicholas Saunderson, Late Lucasian Professor of the Mathematics in the University of Cambridge
A Visit to Those Respectable Ladies and Gentlemen, Called the Twenty-Four Great Letters Who All Reside at a Large House.
Glocestershire. a Particular and Conditions of Sale of a Valuable Estate, Situate at Nibley, in the Several Parishes of North-Nibley, Stinchcomb and Berkeley, in the Hundred of Berkeley
Report Upon the Principles of Political Morality Which Are to Form the Basis of the Administration of the Interior Concerns of the Republic. Made in the Name of the Committee of Public Safety
An ACT for Granting to Her Majesty an Additional Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage for Three Years: And for Laying a Further Duty Upon French Wines Condemned as Lawful Prize: And for Ascertaining Values
An ACT for Continuing Several Impositions, Additional Impositions, and Duties Upon Goods Imported, to Raise Money by Way of Loan, for the Service of the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ten
A List of the Members of the House of Commons Who Voted for the Third Reading of the Assessed Taxes Multiplication Bill of William Pitt: Also of the Minority on That Occasion Fourth Ed, Enlarged
Dreams and Moles with Their Interpretation and Signification. ... to Which Is Prefixed, a Collection of Choice and Valuable Receipts Concerning Love and Marriage. First Compiled in Greek
An Alphabetical List of the Names, Places of Abode, and Occupations, of All the Freemen of the City of Chester, Who Polled (and for Whom) at the Late Election, Begun on Monday the 29th Day of March
An Exact State of the Poll Taken by Tho. Friend, and James Reeve, Constables of the Borough of Lewes, on the 27th Day of April, 1734. for the Election of Members to Serve in This Present Parliament
The Breach of Publick Faith Exemplify'd: Or, the Contract of Marriage Between Lewis XIV. of France, and the Most Serene Infanta of Spain, Concluded the 7th of Nov. 1659. to
Locomotives of Australia 1850s-2010: 1850s-2010
Sculptura Historico-Technica: Or, the History and Art of Engraving. to Which Is Now Added, a Chronological and Historical Series of Painters from the Eleventh Century. the Fourth Edition
Somalia: A New Approach
Using Benchmark Papers to Teach Writing with the Traits: Middle School: Grades 6-8
Each and Her: A Complex Quilt of Tragedy and Redemption
Agreement and Head Movement: Clitics, Incorporation, and Defective Goals: Volume 59
Modern Energy Matchmaker: Connecting Investors with Entrepreneurs
Hitting the Jackpot: Lives of Lottery Millionaires
Memoir, on the Sugar-Trade of the British Colonies; With Tables, of the Quantity of Sugar Imported To, and Exported from Great Britain, in the Years 1774, 1775, - 1788, -1789, -1790, and 1791
Elijah's Mantle. a Faithful Testimony, to New-England, Containing I. the Great End and Interest of New-England. Stated by the Memorable Mr. Jonathan Mitchel ... II. the Cause of God, and His People
Bad News from the Good Book
Sacred Breath: Forty Days of Centering Prayer
Journey of An American Muslim: An Epic Journey Uncompromising in Its Authenticity and Honesty
Glubbery Gray, the Knight-eating Beast
An Account of the Death of the Late King of Sweden, in a Pathetic Letter, to a Friend in England: With a Circumstantial Account of the Catastrophe of His Most Christian Majesty's Unhappy Death
Cold Spirits: Greed vs. Passion
Rapid Psychiatry
Beginning WordPress 3
ECO Colour
Toleration, Respect and Recognition in Education
Rebel Women: Achievements Beyond the Ordinary
Who's Hiding?: A Christmas Lift-The-Flap Book
Material Memories: Design and Evocation
Technogenarians: Studying Health and Illness Through an Ageing, Science, and Technology Lens
The Gallimaufry: Or, Budget of Momus: Containing the Tinker's Song, and Beggar's Song, in the Pantomime of Merry Sherwood. Prologue to the Farce of Crotchet Lodge. the Dutch Fisherman.
A Serious Address to the Gentlemen - Clergy - And Freeholders of the County of - Wherein the Character of Their Present ** Will Be Clearly Developed
Proposals for Establishing a Charitable Fund in the City of London, by Voluntary Gifts and Loans of Mony, to Relieve Necessitous Persons from the Oppressions and Evil Practices of Ill Men
Rapid Medicine
'Don We Now Our Gay Apparel': Gay Men's Dress in the Twentieth Century
Lord Kennet Reporter. Information for Malcolm Hamilton and Company, Merchants in London, Creditors of William Roberton and Company
The Inca Empire: The Formation and Disintegration of a Pre-capitalist State
Bill's Basics
Wearing Ideology: State, Schooling and Self-Presentation in Japan
Europe and the People Without History
Institutional Dynamics: Emergent Patterns in International Environmental Governance
Valle del Miedo, El
The Way of Confucius
Ain't That a Shame
Time on the Ocean: From Cape Horn to Cape Town
Little Folk Stories and Tales by Don Pablo (English/Spanish)
Snatched from Hell by God's Grace
Star Trek: SCE: What's Past
Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health
Renae's Lawless Love.
Under the Dark Green Shadows
Joe Miller's Jests: Or, the Wits Vade-Mecum. Being a Collection of the Most Brilliant Jests, the Most Excellent Bons Mots, and Most Pleasant Short Stories
A Further Report from the Committee of Secrecy, Appointed to Enquire Into the Conduct of Robert E. of Orford, During the Last Ten Years of His Being First Commissioner of the Treasury
Arabian Tales: Or, a Continuation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments. Consisting of Stories Related by the Sultana of the Indies, Volume 1 of 4
The Poll for Electing Two Burgesses, for the Town and Borough of Maidstone, in the County of Kent, to Serve in Parliament Order'd to Be Held at Westminster, the 10th Day of May, 1768
Memorials Presented to the Congress of the United States of America, by the Different Societies Instituted for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery
Recovery 2-Day (North Pass)
Recovery 2-Day (South Pass)
The Apostles' Handbook
The Melatonin Miracle: Nature's Age-Reversing, Disease-Fighting, Sex-Enha
Seven Lies about Catholic History
The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies That Benefit Employees, the Environment and the Bottom Line
The Oracles of the Dissenters: Containing Forty Five Relations of Pretended Jugdments [sic], Prodigies, and Apparitions, in Behalf of the Non-Conformists: In Opposition to the Establish'd Church
The Usefulness of the Stage to Religion, and to Government: Shewing the Advantage of the Drama in All Nations Since Its First Institution. with an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Play-Houses
Die Lun , 14 p Sjulii 1800. the Order of the Day Being Read for the Further Consideration, and Second Reading of the Bill
Auxilio! Entrena a Mi Esposo: Mujer Despierta!
Geographical Questions and Answers; With a Brief Chronology of the Kings of England, from the Invasion of Julius C sar, ... to Which Is Prefix'd a General Statement of the Different Powers of Europe
Tango Sed: A Novel
For the Love of a Princess
Holy Betrayal
Girls and Boys: Ingrid Michaelson. Including Songs from be Ok
The Transylvanian
Classic Cooking for Christmas
Historical Actuality Of The Socialist Offensive: Alternative to Parliamentarism
Imprint of Alan Swallow: Quality Publishing in the West
A Letter to a Member of Parliament, Relating to the Secret Article, Concluded and Ratify'd by the Treaty of Seville, Concerning Gibraltar with the Pamphlet Entitled
The Answer of the Universe
Spade Cooley
Insiders' Guide (R) to El Paso
Epistles Domestic, Confidential, and Official, from General Washington, Written about the Commencement of the American Contest, When He Entered on the Command of the Army of the United States
Blue Duets
The Crafter's Devotional: 365 Days of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Unlocking Your Creative Spirit
The Countess von Rudolstadt
The Politics of the Veil
The Acts Contained in This Book Were Ordered to Be Left Out of the Last Impression of Temporary Laws and Printed by Themselves, Viz. Impost Act, from Page 1 to 8
Good Beer Guide 2011
Rickwood Field: A Century in America's Oldest Ballpark
Devotional Help for Such as Have Been Assisted by the Northamptonshire Preservative Society; Or, Short Meditations, Thanksgivings, and Prayers, for the Use of Persons Preserved in Great Danger, 1789
The Famous and Renowned History of Valentine and Orson, Sons to the Famous and Renowned Emperour of Constantinople: Containing Their Marvellous Adventures in Love and Arms
Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Accompanying His Report on the Petition of Benjamin Wells, Referred to Him 1st Ultimo: And the Counter Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of Fayette County
Reports of the Secretary of State, and of the Secretary of the Treasury, Relative to the Present Situation of Affairs with the Dey and Regency of Algiers. Accompanying a Confidential Message, 1797
Desire and Destiny
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti
What in the World Is Green Energy?
Neuer Hausswirthschafts Calender, Auf Das Gnadenreiche Jahr, Nach Der Heilbringenden Geburt Unsers Herrn Und Heylandes Jesu Christi, 1798.
Esperanza de Su Madre, La
An Earnest Address to Such of the People Called Quakers as Are Sincerely Desirous of Supporting and Maintaining the Christian Testimony of Their Ancestors. Occasioned by a Piece
The Social History of Bourbon
The Wizard of Ooze
To Fly by Night: The Craft of the Hedgewitch
Beyond Xs and Os: What I Learned About Friendship and Success from a College Football Legend
Super Simple Breakfasts: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids
Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business
Schism and Continuity in an African Society: A Study of Ndembu Village Life
Atlas of Graphic Designers
The Last Farewell Sermon, Preached at the Tabernacle, Near Moorfields, April 1, 1792. by the Rev. John Berridge, Taken in Short Hand, at the Time It Was Delivered, the Second Edition.
Taking Out Your Emotional Trash: Face Your Feelings and Build Healthy Relationships
Historia Antiqua: Or, Antient History, to Be Rendered Into Latin: Containing, I. the History of the Heathen Deities. II. the Antient History of Greece. III. the Antient History of Rome. IV.

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